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About Being a Person
About Human Violence
Revised 2014. The difference between being a person and being human. Being a person as a way of engaging with possibilities in the world. The actualisation of a self. An hypothesis that humans remain violent because of a process addiction to certain (political rather than moral) ways of thinking. Evaluating violence.

Simple Guide

A simple guide and glossary of main terms for Heidegger's revolutionary Being and Time now available as an e-book or paperback through Amazon.
Being Real
A philosophical study of the project of being a person in the world, and the effect of violence on that project, with some thoughts on how to be a real person despite having to live in a world of politics, violence and lies. Revised Edition. Available as an e-book or paperback through Amazon.
Serious Guide.jpg

A comprehensive and detailed Guide to Heidegger's Being and Time. Written in plain English and closely tied to the standard English text (Macquarrie and Robinson). Includes a very complete glossary of  terms. Available as an e-book or paperback through Amazon.


A Novel about two generations of ordinary folk struggling with life, personhood, love and authenticity. Dense, erotic and thought-provoking.
Available as an e-book or paperback through Amazon.
Relgion Cover

A critical analysis of what humans do with religion, and what our religions do for us, from the point of view of an ex-believer. Available as a paperback or e-book through Amazon.

Boredom Cover

The unnamed narrator of this tale is bored to death - literally. The only issue is whose death to be bored to. A whimsical, if somewhat sinister, story taking a serious look at boredom. Entertaining and thought-provoking. Available as an e-book through Kindle for $US1.99

Whispers cover

Set in small town New Zealand, over a period of twenty six months in the mid-1980s, this 'epistemological whodunit' graphically portrays the cruelty and hope that surrounded the murders of three children. Available as a paperback or e-book through Amazon.

Wowsers' Houses

All that Samantha Ann MacGregor has ever wanted was love and money. During her life she has been a daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, mother and mistress. Now she just wants a little love and a little money.
     Some folk talk of dying for love. Some folk will kill for money. Now Samantha Ann Macgregor has done both. Available as a paperback or e-book through Amazon.

About Religious Sacrifice About Norse Mythology and Religion
Speculation about the logic, point, and origin, of religious sacrifice. An introduction to Norse/Viking mythology and religious practice from the first millennium of the Common Era.

Granddad Stories Love: A Philosophical Speculation
A selection of children's stories grouped by age (3-6, 7-11, and 11+) Philosophical considerations, inviting comment, on friendship, love of family, erotic love and charity.

About Ethics About Self-deception
The criteria for a reliable ethic. A possible personal morality and social morality for human persons wanting to be less violent and more authentic than is usual for humans. An attempt to understand how and why human person deceive themselves.

Existential Authenticity About Maori Mythology and Religion
Existentialists talk of existence (i.e., the life-long project of living the life of a person in the world) as variously 'authentic' and 'inauthentic'. Here the concept is explained and explored Gender and duality in the myths and rituals of pre-European Maori in the lower North Island of New Zealand. Some Maori legends concerning New Zealand volcanoes.

Evil and Self-righteousness
About Consciousness
A philosophical speculation about the definition and character of evil and self-righteousness (taken as a necessary condition for evil)
Revised 2014. A Phenomenological sketch of consciousness, self-awareness, the cultural character of the Self, and acting-towards being your Self

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